Travelers and Thieves

Travelers and Thieves

Travelers and Thieves is Blues Traveler's second album, released on A&M Records in 1991. The album was released in two different versions: an album-only version, and an extremely limited two-CD pressing. The bonus disc was called On Tour Forever. On iTunes the album is listed only as Travelers due to the full name being split across two drawings, one on the cover and one inside the CD liner notes.

The liner notes include a poem entitled "Of Travelers & Thieves," written by Jonathan Sheehan, brother of bassist Bobby Sheehan.


A1 The Tiding 1:30
A2 Onslaught 6:08
A3 Ivory Tusk 5:15
A4 What's For Breakfast 3:45
B1 I Have My Moments 4:12
B2 Optimistic Thought 3:28
B3 The Best Part 4:49
C1 Sweet Pain 7:41
C2 All In The Groove 4:15
C3 Support Your Local Emperor 6:54
D1 Bagheera 4:21
D2 Mountain Cry 9:07


Travelers, and Thieves

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