Record Grading

Record Grading

All used records will have a grade assigned to the Jacket, and Vinyl (as well as the sleeve, if it applies). We use the Goldmine system for grading, but are very strict in the grading process.

With over 30 years of experience in dealing with collectibles (sports cards, vinyl, memorabilia, etc.) I understand the importance of a correctly graded item.

I expect the item I purchase to be as described, therefor I almost always grade a step down from what I believe it to be. If you purchase an item, and disagree with the grade stated, please contact me, and I will work with you on a resolution.

I want you to be confident in making a purchase on used vinyl, just as much as I want to be confident that I am selling the item in "as said" condition.

All used records are sold in playable condition, that being said I can not guarantee complete silence in playback (hiss/crackle) due to the age of the records. I do however sell only used records I would find fit for my own use. I will not sell records with deep scratches, or nicks on the vinyl itself, or outer rim. 

I will also include the Runout/Matrix where possible to give a resource to look up to find the authenticity of the record. Anyone can say they have an original Led Zeppelin 1969 debut album catalog# SD 8216  for sale, but which pressing is it? 

If you have any questions about a used record before purchasing please contact us, and I will be happy to provide any further information needed.

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