Acacia Strain, The

    Acacia Strain, The

    The Acacia Strain is an American deathcore/metalcore band originally from Chicopee, Massachusetts. The Acacia Strain is currently signed to Rise Records. In total, the group have released eight full-length albums.

    Forming in 2001, The Acacia strain was started by high school friends Vincent Bennett, Christopher Daniele, Ben Abert. Looking to bring their current band Septic Orgasm to the next level of technicality, they brought in their mutual friend, Karrie Whitfield, and high school student Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz to play Bass and guitar respectively. The band began playing local shows around Massachusetts and recorded their demo in 2001.

    After DL received a shoulder injury while playing high school football, Vincent asked friend and current Blood Has Been Shed guitarist, Daniel Daponde, to fill in on guitar while DL healed from his injury. Daniel brought a heavier and more technical aspect to the band, so when DL returned they asked Daniel to stay, thus forming the unusual three guitar lineup.

    After countless local shows, including quite a few in Vincent's mother's basement, the band was approached by Toby Dutkiewicz, who ran Devil's Head records, if they would join his label. The band agreed and recording for their debut album "...and Life is Very Long" began in 2002 at Zing recording studio in Westfield, Massachusetts with Adam Dutkiewicz and Jim Fogarty at the helm with Jim doing most of the tracking.



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